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Posted by Andy Lye for the May issue of
Burn Mag, a U.K. based magazine

Posted by Andy Lye on April 11th, 2006

This is the new project from original E.S.P. bassist and Joe Lynn Turner collaborator Karl Cochran, featuring the vocal talents of Turner, Union/E.S.P. front-man John Corabi and Bruce Terkildsen and Vince Neil/Union drummer Brent Fitz across fourteen grooving hard rock tracks that exude everything thatís great about genuine rock Ďní roll.

Trends and fads are somewhere off in the distance as Karl and his various guests turn in song after song of classic hard rock. With complete control over the project, Cochran is able to exhibit his incredible ability (heís possibly the most underrated guitarist Iíve come across in recent years) on a wide range of styles. With each of the vocalists (plus a couple of lead vocals from Karl himself) adding strong performances to every track, the album is absolutely flawless.

Thereís no point trying to liken the record to others, since itís a) better than most others and b) so varied with the use of different styles and vocalists. Overall Iíd probably say it reminds me most of a Gilby Clarke album, with the feel of a laid back classic hard rock record and modern production values. There are hints of Karlís influences (Jimmy Page would be thrilled to have made the instrumental Phoenix Rising), but otherwise thereís so much variety here that picking out specifics is very difficult.

The majority of the vocals are handled by Corabi (seven leads, two harmonies) and Terkildsen (four leads and six harmonies - he sounds a bit like Doogie White, if youíre not familiar with him) with Turner only taking two leads and Cochran taking one. The real powerhouse song, from a vocal point of view, is Freedom, which features both Corabi and Turner on lead with all four vocalists (including Cochran) on harmony. The track is a real tour-de-force, something that is even evident on the demo version, included as a bonus track, which features Eric Singer on drums and Ace Frehley on guitar.

If we did ratings here, this would surpass whatever upper limit we had. 110%, 6/5, 11/10 whatever you want to say. Outstanding.


Metal Edge Magazine

Voodooland 'Gvie Me Air' (Independent)

This is definitely something special, because VOODOOLAND is not just another independent recording band. Leader Karl Cochran of VOODOOLAND is a talented guitarist, who is joined on this CD by some well-known musicians, such as the legendary singer JOE LYNN TURNER, ACE FREHLEY, ERIC SINGER, BOB DAISLEY and JOHN CORABI. This all makes it clear that we are dealing here with a quality release, which musically has a strong 70s retro groovy rocksound, with some Bluesrock influences, kinda like BAD COMPANY, FREE and LED ZEPPELIN. Best songs between the 14 included are "Inside looking out", "Caroline", "I'll lay down" and "You and I". The CD has the same kinda feeling I had with the STUART SMITH/HEAVEN AND EARTH CDs, so high quality classic hardrock with strong RITCHIE BLACKMORE meets JIMI HENDRIX kinda guitar riffs and very strong melodic vocal lines. Check it out if you're starting to become interested.


From the September 2004 issue of Sweden Rock Magazine:

Written and Translated from Swedish by Janne Stark

"Give Me Air" 8p
Talk about a phat line-up guitarist karl Cochran has assembled! Joe Lynn Turner, John Corabi, Brent Fitz, Bob Daisley, Al Fritsch and guest spots by Ace Frehley and Eric Singer. Does the album measure up to its line-up then? Yepp, definitely! Stylewise it was however not what I had anticipated. Opening track "Give Me Air" has a nice southern groove to it and "Make Up Your Mind" reminds me of a mix between Badlands and Cry Of Love. Without going through each track, it does continue in that vein. This great great, really damn great! Karl is also a great guitarist with a nice bluesy feel to his playing! Highly recommended! Janne Stark


From Geno Desi at

The cd is musically beautiful! An awesome blend of melodic, blues-based rock with the right amount of guitar-heaviness, riffs and solos. Not many bands are creating this kind of niche of quality rock music! With 4 different vocalists, its amazing how cohesive the cd flows . . . and each one is great! The cd spent the last week in my #1 position of new cd releases on my website. At the end of the year on my radio show , I do a Top 20 Countdown of the best new releases of the year and so far this release will easily make the top 3 overall and #1 in its genre! Its a great, great record ... I really support the bands I dig, so please keep me on your contact list for any new developments/music with the band! Please share my enthusiasm with Carl . . . he's an awesome guitar-musician, composer/song-writer!! All the best of success and please keep making real music from the heart!!!
Stay True Rock Heavy


Metal Mayhem

VOODOOLAND – Give Me Air - Amazing new Melodic Rock band that brings it all to the table. Top-notch performances, production, and songs make this cd a monster. Guitarist Karl Cochran smokes all over this cd. John Corabi (The Scream, Motley Crue, Union vocalist) and Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist) split the vocals on this amazing cd. There is also a bonus track featuring Ace Frehley and Eric Singer of KISS.


Virtuosity One

On Joe Lynn Turner's "The Usual Suspects"

Opener Power Of Love is classic JLT with its classy big chorus, yet the crunch factor is heavier than it has been in years, Turner's vocal delivery is superb here. Devil's Door could easily have been on Bent Out Of Shape with a very Blackmore-esque solo from Karl Cochran adding to the aura, the chorus here is sublime. Jack Knife sees the quality drop a little for a Deep Purple-ish track that JLT could bash out in his sleep before the soulful Really Loved is a master class in AOR finesse.

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Fan Reviews

Well just got Give me air,through the post today & boy was I blown away!
Now I will admit that I was not that familiar with you name despite owning all the JLT solo albums,and I bought the album on the strength of the names JLT & John Corabi,two guys I love,I was totally blown away with the songs & the guitar work..
Must now pick up the self titled EP & I certainly hope there will be more Voodooland albums in the near future.
I will certainly be passing on the good word about Voodooland (I've submitted the CD to the database on ) to all those people I know will love it,including my friend who is a DJ on

Good luck all the way from England

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