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The story of Voodooland actually started in early 1993. I had a band, called Dirt, with Ron Young (Little Ceaser), Gary Corbett, and Tommy "T-Bone" Caradona. I met Eric Singer when we were doing showcases for Atlantic Records (along with a ton of other A&R guys). Early versions of "Breaking Away" and "Don't Say That You Love Me" (originally called "Tongue In Cheek") were written at that time.

However, nothing in the music industry is certain, and when that didn't pan out as planned, Joe Lynn Turner came around in 1992-1993. After that Ace Frehley came along in late 1993-1994, which sidelined my plans for an original project. When those two tours came to an end, and Ace went back with KISS (1996), I revived my idea for an original band. And thus, was VOODOOLAND!

The Story of "Give Me Air"

I pulled together songs from Dirt and also songs I wrote with Robert Mason in the early 90's. However, I didn't get to record the first EP until 1998, because ESP had happened in 1997-8. With those songs, and songs I wrote with Bruce Terkildsen (who sang 5 songs on "Give Me Air") and on my own, I came out with the 7 song EP (Year 1999). We sold over 1000 units on our own at shows and from my web site. Those sales helped give me the motivation to record a full length album.


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Other Projects


In The Works: Rated X

Karl is currently recording guitar tracks for a forthcoming original project called Rated X, featuring Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin. This project came about very quickly for Karl, and before a week was through, Karl had already recorded two complete tracks in his own studio, and shot two videos and two photo shoots in Los Angeles.

Far Cry

Far Cry have been regularly playing the club and bar circuit in the NY/NJ area since August 1995, but the Far Cry name has been around for much longer than that. Started in 1986, the band has had many impressive members over the years, including such alumni as Robert Mason (Lynch Mob), Joey Z (Prophet) and present members Jimmy Callahan (Prophet), Bruce Terkildsen (Voodooland), and of course, Karl Cochran.


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Joe Lynn Turner

Karl met up with Joe Lynn Turner while working on a project in LA in 1993, and has worked with him on several recording projects over the years since then. Karl has also toured several times with Joe Lynn Turner as a guitar player and backup singer, including a full tour in 1992 to 1994, and a few 1997-1998 tours of Japan. Karl has played on several tracks on JLT solo releases:
Live in Germany
This is Joe's first ever solo live album recorded at the United Forces of Rock Festival in Germany on September 30, 2007.
Second Hand Life
This album was recorded entirely in Karl's studio (except for the drums). Karl engineered the tracks, co-produced it, and played all the guitars, over half the bass and some background vocals.
The Usual Suspects
Karl co-wrote and played guitar on 4 tracks: Power of Love, Devil's Door, All Alone and Blood Money. All Karl's tracks were recorded in his studio in late summer/early fall of 2004.
Under Cover
Karl played on the "Sunshine Of Your Love" track.
Holy Man
Karl wrote and played on "Breaking Away" and "Something New" tracks.
Karl played on "Hit the Switch" and "Reprise" tracks.
The guitar tracks were recorded in Karl's studio.


Rage and Beyond's "Corporate Nation"

Released in 2008, Rage and Beyond's "Corporate Nation" is a hard rocking album of all originals with Bobby Marks, Paul Dileo and Ed Terry. Karl recorded his guitar tracks entirely in his studio. It was mixed by Kevin Shirley, who has mixed the likes of Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Journey, and many, many others. It was mastered by Ted Jensen at Stirling Sound in New York. This album is available on the Order Page.

Wilde West Music Collaboration

Karl does work with Wilde West Music, writing, producing and engineering songs and promo spots for commericals and TV shows. In the past, Karl co-wrote and played the theme song, along with several backing songs, for the Disney XD series "I'm In the Band," which ran for a few seasons.


Voodooland - "Give Me Air"


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Track List:
Audio Samples (below)


1. Give Me Air
2. Make Up Your Mind
3. Inside Looking Out
4. Don't Say That You Love Me
5. Caroline
6. I'll Lay Down
7. Freedom
8. Phoenix Rising

9. You and I - Electric
10. Breaking Away
11. Take Me Back
12. Open Fire
13. River of Dreams
14. You and I - Acoustic
15. Freedom Demo (featuring Ace Frehley and Eric Singer of KISS)

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Voodooland EP (2000)

Track List:
1. Freedom
2. Caroline
3. Make Up Your Mind
4. Inside Looking Out
5. I'll Lay Down
6. Higher
7. Freedom (bonus track, rough mix with Ace Frehley)

Discography In Brief


Rage and Beyond: Corporate Nation

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Joe Lynn Turner: Live in Germany

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Joe Lynn Turner: Second Hand Life

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Joe Lynn Turner: The Usual Suspects

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Voodooland: Give Me Air
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Joe Lynn Turner: JLT
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Joe Lynn Turner: Holy Man
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ESP: Lost and Spaced
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KISS: Psycho Circus
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Joe Lynn Turner - Under Cover
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Return of the Comet - A Tribute to Ace Frehley
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