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Nuclear Assault, Far Cry and Jim Breuer

August 26th - Lamours in Brooklyn, NY
August 27th - Far Cry at the 125th Anniv. of the Somerville Fire Dept.
August 27th - The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY
August 28th - The Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, NY
August 29th - Jim Breuer Show

Karl had quite a full weekend, playing at 3 Nuclear Assault shows and a Far Cry gig, and followed by the Jim Breuer show on Monday.

Friday night, Karl and I drove up to L'Amours in Brooklyn, NY, now known as the Brooklyn Music Terminal, for the first of the U.S. Nuclear Assault shows. Considering it was rush hour, we made it there in record time. The rest of the band (Glen Evans, Dan Lilker and John Connelly) were already there.

We then had to wait for the 6 (yes, SIX) opening bands to go through their sets. The band didn't go on until 1:15am, but the crowd was still there and showed their support. After the show, Karl and I drove home, and arrived safely at 4am.

On Saturday at 11:45am, Karl and I were back in the van, going to the 125th Anniversary Somerville Fire Department celebration. It was in Somerville High School's football field, and the band played 3 sets on a large, covered stage. It was so windy, we were just waiting for the main speakers to go sailing off the stage, they were shaking so much. They stayed put, and the band sounded great!!! Thanks to the Somerville Fire Department for having us there. It was a great day, and a great time was had by all!

After that, we packed up all the gear, ran home, quickly rested, and re-packed the car for the drive to Poughkeepsie, NY for the Nuclear Assault show at The Chance (remember, Karl played there with Joe Lynn Turner back in May). Karl and I got there just in time, as one of the opening bands never showed. That meant Nuclear Assault went on a little bit earlier. The band sounded great, and once again the crowd showed their support.

Then, it was back in the car for the 2 hour ride back to Jersey. Karl once again got back at 4am, and had to hurry up and sleep to get rested for the next night's gig. Karl and Kevin drove to The Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, Long Island, NY for the 3rd of the weekend's Nuclear Assault gigs. It was another good gig, and the crowd once again showed their support.

The next day, Karl was up early (on just about no sleep after the long drive from Long Island) to go New York City to play on the Jim Breuer Show with Joe Lynn Turner. Karl had the privilage of playing with Greg Smith (bass), who he toured with back in 1993 or so, Chuck Burgi (who played drums on Rainbow's Bent Out of Shape album), and Al Fritsch (keyboards on Voodooland's "Give Me Air"). They had an absolute blast, and their sides were sore from laughing so hard at Jim Breuer's jokes. To say that Jim Breuer is a class act doesn't quite capture it. The band played "Street of Dreams", "Stone Cold", "Highway Star" and "Jealous Lover" on the air. They also jammed on a ton of other tunes that they goofed around on (Breaking the Law by Priest). Karl has plans to be the Jim Breuer show again with Chuck Burgi and Greg Smith in the near future.

After the show, Karl got to race back to Jersey, and get to the PNC Bank Arts Center to see Eric Singer play with Alice Cooper. Overall, it was a complete weekend, and Karl had a great time seeing old friends.


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