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Fan Reviews continued...

Hi Karl,

Well just got Give me air,through the post today & boy was I blown away!

Now I will admit that I was not that familiar with you name despite owning all the JLT solo albums,and I bought the album on the strength of the names JLT & John Corabi,two guys I love,I was totally blown away with the songs & the guitar work..

Must now pick up the self titled EP & I certainly hope there will be more Voodooland albums in the near future.

I will certainly be passing on the good word about Voodooland

Good luck all the way from England


From Mick Burgess in the United Kingdom

I’ve now had a chance to give the CD a good couple of spins.

What can I say....I absolutely love’s just how you described on your site....melodic, classic rock with a modern twist...couldn’t have put it better myself.

As soon as I hear a funky riff with a groove the size of the Grand Canyon with a great melody topped off with some great vocals (I think Corabi has put in his best vocal performance yet) then you’re onto a winner. Add to this some dirty sleazy slide guitar and I`m like a pig in muck....fantastic !!!

The best track???? Inside Looking Out....I’ve played this loads of times.....wonderful....the only thing missing from this song is a cowbell !!!!!!!! (to get that Sly and the family Stone groove !!)

Hopefully you’ll pick up the sales that this album deserves.......
.......I’m sure the readers of the above magazines/website would be impressed with your album. Thanks again for the CD....and well done…it’s excellent


From Al Hall in New York City, New York
I ordered the Voodooland CD a week ago (after hearing the Eddie Trunk show), and received it on Thursday. To say I am utterly blown away would be the understatement of the year. The funny part was that I had dozed off with the radio on, as I am up for work at 430 AM on Saturdays to go do the NYPD grind. I had gotten up t o grab a drink of water, and heard Ed talking about the upcoming "ballad of the night" in which he stated that John Corabi sings completely differently then what most of us are used to. This grabbed my curiosity so I stayed up for a few minutes. What I then heard was, "Don't Say That You Love Me", one of the most amazing mellow tunes I have ever been lucky enough to hear, and which ripped me apart inside the same way that Kenny Wayne Shepherd's "Blue On Black", AIC's "Down In A Hole", King's X, "Cigarettes", and Tesla's, "What You Give", all do. I immediately ordered the disc when I got home from work the next day. It has basically booted everything else from my CD player since arriving. The CD rocks incredibly hard, yet is so amazingly blues-tasty, that repeated spins are an absolute must. I've already called my buddy who gives me guitar lessons, and told him we have some "must learn" material for sitting out on the deck with some brews, jamming on the acoustics. Thanks again for an amazing piece of music. While most NY radio stations absolutely suck, hopefully Ed's home base Q104.3, LI's 98.5 "The Bone", and CTs 99.1 WPLR, grab hold of this CD and run with it. I figure the Jersey rock stations, which kick ass, are already playing this disc. Best of luck out there. Hope to catch a live act in the future, if the commute from Long island isn't too brutal. But "Give Me Air" has my vote for CD of the year, beating out the new BLS, Iced Earth, and Tesla CDs. Great job.
Al Hall


From Kiva Kamerling in Kew Gardens, New York
Hey Karl,

Thanks for writing back and you're very welcome. You know, for the last month I have been on a one band phase. I saw Train at The Bowery Ballroom last month and they just blew me away. They are such an amazing band. They gave out free CD copies of their first set at the show and their music is really all I have been listening to for the last 5 weeks. That is until I got your CD. Yes, I am still listening to Train a lot, but when I am working or on the computer, I have your CD playing. I love it. I really, really love it. I have it playing now and I am basically telling you the songs I like the best as they play LOL.

"Give Me Air" is my favorite track, that one tops the list. "Breaking Away" is another list topper. But I also really love "Inside Looking Out". "I'll Lay Down" and "Freedom" are great and I really like "Phoenix Rising"... The electric version of "You And I" is another favorite of mine (the acoustic version is beautiful, I love the harmonies)... And I like "Open Fire" a lot, too. "River Of Dreams" is great, very bluesy, I love it. John Corabi has such an awesome voice. And so do you!

I grew up around music. My parents are both musicians and my mom was in the music business when she was my age, so music has been a part of my life since before I was born. I have listened to so many different types of music, and different artists and there are only a handful of them who's music I can listen to over and over without saying "Okay, enough of this..." The VooDooLand CD is in that group. Every aspect of the CD is great, meaning the lyrics, music, melody. The guitar work on the whole CD is just stellar. The production and mix are fabulous. Seems like I just can't shut up about the whole CD doesn't it? LOL. But it's all true and I mean every word.

Anyway, I know you're busy (what are you working on?) so I'll shut up now. Take care and keep in touch and let me know when you have some NY shows okay? :-)\ Kiva


From Patti Heneghan in Southern California
I've had the CD for over a week now, and I love it more with every listen. I got the Voodooland EP and have been starved for the full-length. The music on here is great...I love the title track and "Inside Looking Out" especially. Hell, the whole thing is kick ass. Brent Fitz and John Corabi are very welcome additions on the CD! I'm huge fans of them both. Karl (and Bruce) should be commended for putting out a very soulful hard rocking CD. Personally, I hear some inspirations from Grand Funk Railroad, and I wonder if the guys are fans? I tend to think so! Bruce's voice reminds me of Mark Farner.

I'd love to see and hear this music performed live...Voodooland, get out to southern California!!

Thanks for the quick shipment of the CD!
Patti Heneghan


ga Read this awesome translated review from one of our German fans!


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